A few patents for inventing new ways to solve complex problems. These span a number of domains such as creating magical retail experience, generating more relevant product recommendations, unlocking potential of precision agriculture and maintaining customer privacy when applying artificial intelligence to IoT data.

AmazonGo – retail shopping

AmazonGo is a re-imagining of what a retail shopping experience should look like. My team and I invented new solutions and capabilities. Computer vision, sensors, hardware and artificially intelligent algorithms blend into the background to create a magical shopping experience with AmazonGo.

Cross-Category Product Recommendations using Deep Learning

Recommending products across a wide catalog of millions of products (such as that of Amazon) is not an easy task. Learning latent features using deep learning and neural networks across categories dramatically reduce the feature dimensionality, and allow us to capture customer’s diverse preferences to generate highly relevant product recommendations.

Precision Agriculture

Combining multi-spectral images (from planes, drone or satellite) with other sensor data can help us measure and track the health of an individual tree in an orchard. Personalizing the water and nutrient at a tree or field level, can lead to higher yields and better quality food.

Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors

IoT sensors when combined with artificial intelligence have a potential to dramatically optimize resources, predict maintenance and reduce theft. Synthesizing high-fidelity time-series sensor signals enables us to maintaining privacy of the IoT sensor locations and customers, while unlocking machine learning innovations.