Hello TracFone

Well, Mexico City was great fun. It was nice to take a few weeks off, and then take the family to Mexico City. If you haven’t been to Mexico City, I highly recommend it. It is a city at the heart of an ancient civilization, a rich recent history, a vibrant city full of friendly people and food is AMAZING!! The hike up Teotihuacán (Temple of the Sun) with my son will be a moment I’ll remember for a long time. It was, however time to answer the call (pun intended).

Last week I joined TracFone Wireless Inc as Head of Data Science. This means two things. Firstly I am really excited about using data science to deliver an amazing customer experience across each of the nine (yes, nine!) TracFone brands. This is going to be fun because the team is passionate and has the drive to move quickly towards building the future of customer experience.

Secondly, it means moving to South Florida – the land of sun, beach, Everglades, and of course alligators. Sad as it is to leave the Pacific North West, which has been our home for the last eight years, a new adventure awaits in the sun.

Hollywood Beach FL
Hollywood Beach, FL